David Martin

David Martin helped establish and launch two new HD TV channels-the action channel Bollywood Times Television and the female-centric service Mehndi TV. Bollywood Times TV HD quickly gained national viewership and recognition for broadcasting Bollywood films encompassing a variety of genres and airing television series including comedies, dramas, and thrillers. Mehndi TV HD is focused on showcasing intelligent and entertaining programming catered to Canadian women of South Asian heritage. Both Mehndi TV and Bollywood Times are the first South Asian High Definition channels to be offered in North America. Following this successful launch, David Martin partnered with Channel Zero Group, creating Channel Zero World Media in 2012, who now distribute Bollywood Times, Mehndi TV, and have since launched Halla Bol-the first South Asian children’s High Definition television channel in North America with international distribution. In his current role as Managing Director at Channel Zero World Media, David continues to expand and market all three HD TV properties.